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19-07-2018 8:15 pm -9:30 pm

Tips & Tricks to Crack Quantitative Aptitude Section for SBI PO/JA Mains Exam

With a multitude of topics from Data Interpretation, Simplification, Quadratic equations to Arithmetic, are you confused about the right strategy for SBI PO/JA Mains Quantitative Aptitude Section?

Don’t be, you are at the right place. Conduira Online experts, with years of experience guiding students towards success, are here to help you devise your game plan for cracking the Quantitative Aptitude section for SBI PO/JA Mains Exam, according to the latest test pattern and the difficulty level.

Learn tips and tricks to crack the SBI PO/JA Quantitative Aptitude questions quickly and accurately in this interactive session with Aditya Lanka-Director, Conduira Online on this 19th of July at 8:15 P.M.

Every Successful Banking Aspirant needs a guiding hand during this high-pressure period! We are here to guide you on the path to success.

Don't be left behind. Catch up with the BEST to be the BEST!

All the very best!

An unmissable session for all Bank Job Aspirants.

Available on both Mobile/Desktop.

Campus Jobs

20-07-2018 8:15 pm -9:30 pm

Learning Session on the English Language for Campus Recruitment Test 2018 by Uday - Verbal Subject Expert, Conduira Online

RC & CLOZE Tests are one of the most score fetching topics in the English Usage Section. Did you know that every passage follows a well-organized structure and tone? The key to cracking RC & CLOZE Test Questions is to identify words which would go in line with the tone & chronological order of sentences while maintaining consistency. Identifying which part of speech it would be - noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, conjunction, article and eliminating options is one more technique that could help master CLOZE test questions in Campus Recruitment Exams.

To learn unique tricks to master RC & CLOZE Tests for qualifying a job on campus, Join Uday - Verbal Subject Expert, Conduira Online at 8:15 p.m. on Friday, 20th July 2018.

Available on both Mobile/Desktop.


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